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Well I'll Be Damned

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No wonder he left. All those pitchers were being subversive.


(Thanks to Landon Howell for the notice)

Kenji is off to Hanshin, by the way. He signed a $21m/4yr contract with the Tigers, who're presumably every bit as excited to have his name as they are to have his talent. The $21m more than makes up for the money he left on the table by leaving the Mariners, and when you consider that he would've been 35 when his extension here ran out...I don't know who was right and who was wrong, but if you believe that the universe evens itself out, then it's worth noting that two of the three pitchers who wanted nothing to do with Johjima wound up needing surgery, while Kenji gets his money and his happiness, making this as perfect an outcome as he ever could've imagined.

Good for you, Kenji.