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The Return of Mark McGwire

This should be good.

McGwire: See, what you want to be doing is hitting dingers.
McGwire: When you go up there, first pitch, you're looking dead red so you can hit a dinger.
McGwire: Sometimes you're gonna miss. That's okay. Stick to your guns. There's no more efficient way of scoring than hitting a dinger. That's what we want to be doing.
McGwire: The pitcher might pick up on your strategy. Don't worry about it. He's more afraid of you than you are of him.
McGwire: If he throws you something offspeed, like a curveball, don't be fooled. Just hit it for a dinger.
McGwire: Walks are good too. If the pitcher tries to get you to chase something out of the zone, don't swing at it.
McGwire: You only want to swing at strikes. Take balls. Hit strikes for dingers.
McGwire: Now let's break up and practice. Group A, get in there. I want to see you guys hitting dingers. Group B, practice your dinger swings.
McGwire: Who's first in Group A? Skip? Get in there, Skip.
McGwire: Let's see some dingers!
Coach, I don't
McGwire: What're you doing over there?
McGwire: You're standing on the wrong side of the plate. Bat righty.
McGwire: You hit dingers batting righty.