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Beating a Dead Horse

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Ridiculous calls from yesterday's game:

  1. Swisher called safe when picked off at second in the top of the 4th, one out, Yankees up by three.
  2. Swisher incorrectly called out for leaving the bag early on a sacrifice fly to end the 4th, Yankees up by three.
  3. Robinson Cano called safe when out at third on a hilarious Swisher 1-2 DP, Yankees up by five.

It all evens out, you say? Well, using the THT Win Probability tool, we end up with the following changes in win expectancy due to bad calls from the umpires (Angels win ex is positive):

  1. -4%
  2. +10%
  3. -1%

All in all, the umpires skewed game four of the ALCS in favour of the Angels by a non-insignificant amount - in fact, 5% WPA is almost as much as Albert Pujols contributed per game for the Cardinals (this is a silly comparison but it illustrates the point quite well).

The playoffs deserve better than this.