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Series Preview: Texas Rangers @ Seattle Mariners

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Seattle: 83-76
Texas: 86-73


-88.9 (29th)
-36.9 (22nd) TEX
84.5 (1st)
38.0 (7th) SEA
-24.3 (22nd)
-52.2 (25th) SEA
-26.0 (29th)
8.6 (10th) TEX
-54.7 -42.5 Texas


14-5 against Oakland this year. Makes up for our combined 15-20 record against Anaheim and Texas thus far. 

With the sweep, we've move back into unprotected draft status, currently standing at the 17th overall pick next June. One team of the Minnesota, Seattle, Tampa and Chicago (N) foursome will land that precious 15th overall slot and right now all four are within a single game of each other. Having finished with the worst record in 2008 out of the group, we hold the tiebreaker, so all things considered...

I believe in my guarded optimistic mind back in March, I figured the Ms were a low 80-win team. After two seasons of completely whiffing (to either side) on their projected win totals, I find it a little odd to have them nearly hit the exact mark this season, even if they haven't quite deserved all the wins.

It's been a good and entertaining season, thanks for sticking around folks.


Game 1: Ian Snell vs. Brandon McCarthy
Game 2: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs. Tommy Hunter
Game 3: Felix Hernandez vs. Scott Feldman

The Rangers run out three righties to finish our season which is important for two reasons. One, it might mean a couple starts for Michael Saunders. More importantly, it likely means three more DH starts for Junior. What will happen in 2010 we can worry about in a week and regardless of how you felt about it seven months ago, he's here, potentially for just three more days. If you had any attachment at all to the player that help put Seattle on the baseball map 15 years ago, I'd suggest paying some of those respects.

Also, Felix!