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A Thought

As many are well aware, Alex Rodriguez has long been considered a playoff choker, what with his .856 OPS and 17 RBI overall and .808 OPS and 9 RBI as a Yankee coming into this series.

Alex proceeded to blow up against Minnesota, hitting a pair of big dingers while knocking in six runs in three games. Depending on where you look, the theme of the series has been either redemption or maturation, where Alex either proved to the skeptics that he can hit in the clutch, or he just recently learned to hit in the clutch.

These themes were foisted upon us due to his performance over 12 trips to the plate, 9.6% of his career sample as a Yankee and 6.6% of his career sample overall. I don't have to tell you that 12 trips to the plate don't tell you much of anything, especially when they're part of a much larger body of data. Nick Punto took 12 trips to the plate in this ALDS and reached base seven times.

The people who think Alex's performance in the division series demonstrates a significant improvement in his ability to hit under pressure in the playoffs are getting two things wrong.