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I'm in a rush and won't be around tonight, but while I have a minute:

Ken Griffey Jr., 2009: .215/.324/.408, .221 BABIP

BIP 2003-2008 2009
Grounder 0.204 0.128
Fly 0.117 0.117
Liner 0.696 0.723

Difference: -9 1B, grounders, +1 1B, liner

Ken Griffey Jr., 2009, adjusted*: .236/.342/.430,.249 BABIP

* assuming no park factors, which isn't right, but this gets close enough

Griffey's speed now is probably lower than his average speed over the six years previous, so maybe I shouldn't regress that grounder BABIP all the way up to .204, but this is more of an approximation than anything else, with the conclusion being that, while Griffey's no world-beater, his true talent at this point is higher than his batting line.

I haven't decided what I think about the possibility of Griffey coming back in 2010, but should that end up happening, he could fill a role. Outside of the clubhouse.