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No Jerry Hairston For Us

Pravda, Cincinnati edition

CINCINNATI -- The Reds have reached an agreement with free-agent infielder/outfielder Jerry Hairston Jr. on a one-year deal worth a guaranteed $2 million, a baseball source told on Tuesday.

I don't particularly care either way, but since it seems like Hairston was the top utility infielder on Zduriencik's winter list, I guess we'll have to set our sights on someone else, as I doubt the team has enough confidence in Reegie Corona to run with him as the Opening Day backup. Guys like Alex Cora, Craig Counsell, and Alex Cintron are still available, and that's just among the free agents - there are trade possibilities as well, and Dave's recommendation of Alfredo Amezaga was a good one. I'd say more but listing off the names of six different utility players in sequence causes my brain to shut off from disinterest.