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Cat's Out of the Bag

Baseball Prospectus Interview with Blengino

It's a big Q&A with Tony Blengino, who by the way, you can ask questions to directly, perhaps as follow-ups to answers presented above. There is lots of great stuff in the interview.

USS Mariner post on matter

DMZ pulls two exciting quotes out and mentions something that, if you are familar at all with the internet baseball community could be the most exciting news of all this winter. Remember how Bavasi "used" Mat Olkin as a consultant except that the Ms were so backwards that a 1996 edition of the Sears holiday catalog would have been just as useful? Well, Blengino has his own consultant, but since we have a very good inkling that this administration actually cares about statistical analysis, the identity of the consultant is pretty damn important.

That person is Tom Tango.

It's literally beyond wildest dreams. I never thought we'd have to create a "Great News" section for our stories here.

Graham's addendum, presented without comment:

So it really is vital that statistics and traditional scouting work hand in hand for an organization to succeed, and I think you see that with the most successful organizations in the game; they do both well.

-Tony Blengino