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Mike Sweeney is Old and Frequently Injured

So we brought in Mike Sweeney, a local-ish kind of guy on a minor league contract with a Spring Training invite. Sweeney generated 0.1 wins last year for the Athletics and is limited to playing 1B or DH, spots we already have more than a few options for. Sweeney is 35 and right-handed, so even if he were to recover some of his old power, Safeco Field isn't the ideal place for him to utilize it. Marcel and CHONE project him for about 300 ABs of .317 wOBA, which is pretty bad.

How about a projected 230 ABs of .344 wOBA instead? Well this guy is still available out there. He's much younger than Mike Sweeney, bats left-handed and has the skill to play the outfield from time to time. Oh, and he generated 0.2 wins last year. He's twice as good as Mike Sweeney. And he's basically local. 

C'mon Jack, why the hell not?