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The Greatest Book Ever Written

Are you an LL lemming who listens to everything I say because I'm awesome? Are you an LL antagonist eager to gain more knowledge so you can prove my smug ass wrong? Are you one of the 2% of fantasy baseball players around the world in possession of at least $20 of disposable income?* Then I've got just the thing for you. It's the Hardball Times Season Preview 2009! The 2009 THT season preview is a lot like the 2008 THT season preview and the 2007 THT season preview, except way way better, because who wants to read a season preview for a season that already happened? Think about it. It's science.

Like the previous editions, this year's book features chapters for every team, with essays and player comments written by people who know more about their organizations than anybody who doesn't already work for said organizations. In addition, the book includes solid projections and a trio of essays at the end, all in an effort to make you better prepared for the season ahead. Seriously, it's an excellent book put together by a lot of excellent people, like David Gassko and, more sexily, me, and if you've been thinking about ways to trade money for smarts, this is a pretty good one. So do yourself a favor and support THT in the process by buying this year's preview (from the publisher's website, of course). You'll be glad you did. As a contributing author who gets paid the same slave wages regardless of how many books get sold, I can tell you with 100% objectivity that it's going to be a fun and insightful read.

* the book is also a good idea if you're normal