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John Walsh's Annual OF Arms Article

Always a good treat and the de facto ranking out there for outfielder arms.

Notably Ichiro was worth 4.8 extra runs last year with his arm. I do not think arm ratings are included in UZR measurements (Dave?) so if not, Ichiro's value last year moves up to near four wins and thus even in a down year for him, he still manages to earn his ~$17MM salary.

Ibanez, a constant possessor of a good arm, stayed above average as well, at 2.8 runs.

Franklin Gutierrez had an above average arm for a right-fielder, hopefully portending that a move to center field will only increase its value. :)

Adam Jones' arm was worth 3.1 runs over average. Erik Bedard's arm was worth 0.2 runs over average.