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Firsts On Lists Of Things

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  • David Aardsma; list of all-time baseball player names
  • Aarskog-Scott syndrome; list of eponymous diseases
  • Robert Wagner; list of fatal North American bear attacks by decade
  • 00; list of group-0 ISBN publisher codes
  • Bobbi Adler; list of fictional Jews
  • Gyroscope; list of things that just came to mind right now
  • Algarheim; list of villages in Akershus
  • Coming Home; list of number-one dance hits in the UK in 2001
  • Gotta Get Thru This; list of number-one dance hits in the UK in 2002
  • N/A; list of Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion teams
  • David Aardsma; list of firsts on lists of things
  • List of Pacific Northwest American Viticultural Areas; list of Oregon-related topics
  • Aka; list of socially unusual fictional planets
  • Benjamin Bathurst; list of people killed in the unsolved murder of Benjamin Bathurst
  • Belt; list of things I have worn in my belt loops
  • Ludvig Holberg; list of people from Bergen
  • Sputnik 3; list of satellites which have provided data on Earth's magnetosphere
  • Anthrocon; list of furry conventions
  • Ambrose; list of gangs active in the midwest United States
  • Thongchai Winichakul; list of academics and intellectuals against the 2006 Thailand coup
  • Speedway Stout; list of beers produced by AleSmith worth killing a guy to obtain
  • Kim Beazley; list of people who have been pied
  • Acorn woodpecker; list of birds displaying homosexual behavior
  • Ann-Margret; list of cheerleaders
  • Pont de Quebec; list of longest cantilever bridges
  • Count of St. Germain; list of people who claimed themselves to be immortal
  • Bryan Adams; list of dropouts
  • Somebody's dog; list of things that if I went out for a walk in the park at night because I was all stressed out from work and the neighbors were making too much noise again and all I wanted to do was take a bath but the dishwasher and washing machine were already on and using all the hot water would probably scare the crap out of me if they took me by surprise
  • Abraham Lincoln; list of people with strabismus
  • Dynamic lists; list of incomplete lists