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  • GMs never die, and Woody Woodward is proof. I never thought the Mariners would ever seriously entertain the thought of bringing him back into the fold, but then I never thought the Mariners would ever go through the Bavasi years, either, and once those happened all the memories from the beforetimes kind of got lost in the fog. When Woodward needs help moving, I wonder if he calls Randy Smith.

  • Pravda headline: Mariners hope to have Fields for camp. Pravda content: no such information. At no point have I seen or heard any indication that the front office is all that high on the idea of signing Josh Fields, and while there are open lines of communication between the M's and Boras, it doesn't look like Zduriencik is going to cave. This draft could be an awful lot of fun.

  • Based on a number of things, but primarily on Zduriencik's Hot Stove radio interview last weekend, two things are becoming clear: (1) the Mariners still desire another bat, and (2) the organization doesn't seem that high on Wlad being a part of the future (or the present). Depending on the budget and how highly the remaining free agents decide to price themselves, the door's open for these two issues to resolve themselves simultaneously. Just because it's the middle of January doesn't mean the interesting part of the offseason is over.

  • Baker wrote about it yesterday, but with the Mariners pushing up against their budget and RRS sitting in relief, evidence continues to mount that Armstrong's nixing of last August's Washburn waiver claim was an unforgivably erroneous decision. It was obvious at the time, and it's even more obvious now, and I can only hope that out of this mistake Armstrong has learned that maybe he should leave the baseball decisions to the baseball people he hires, rather than presumptuously and arrogantly taking them upon himself. It never worked, Chuck. I pray that you're done trying.