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Bedard Doesn't Have Labrum Tear?


We'll see if this just turns out to be another example of Mariner PR spin but for now, let us indulge in the possibility that Erik Bedard's shoulder is actually structually intact. As Geoff Baker mentions, that puts his recovery timetable at around the six month mark, or late March.

Given Bedard's general fragility, I wouldn't expect him to hit that timeline, but it certainly does elevate the issue of whether or not to offer him arbitration to a new level. With a labrum tear, that would have been a no doubt 12 month recovery and an easy no-tender decision. Now? I think you have to seriosuly consider retaining Bedard and beyond the contractual obligations, what does this mean for 2009? Is a Felix, Bedard, Morrow, Rowland-Smith, Silva rotation back to being a possibility as early as May?