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And Then There Were Two

Tonight's loss means that even if we were to sweep Oakland and the Padres went on to lose their final four games (of which they're about to win one of those anyways), the best the Padres could do would be to match our record. Since the tiebreaker for draft position goes to the team with the worse record in the previous year and Seattle (88-74) had a worse record than San Diego (89-74) that means the tiebreaker goes to us. 

It's down to Seattle and Washington now for first overall. With Washington's washout tonight that almost certainly will not be made up, Seattle gained an important half game on the Nationals. With three games to play, the records stand at:

Seattle Mariners: 58-101
Washington Nats: 59-99

The Nats have the tiebreaker over us, but since they'll only play 161 games this year, that's not going to come into play. Three games remain and we now have a 1.5 game lead meaning we have a one game cushion back. If we drop at least two games to Oakland than the first pick is ours regardless of what Washington does.