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Miguel Cairo Has 194 At Bats

One night in my bedroom while nursing an ache
I heard a loud rattle that shook me awake
I saw that the walls were beginning to quake
And it looked like the window was going to break
Then whispered a shadow resembling a snake
"Miguel Cairo is going to play."

I sat and I wondered "is this just a dream?"
To encounter a ghost seems a little extreme
I wished that I didn't care so for a team
For whom constant losing evolved as a theme
But the shadow remained and then said with a beam
"Miguel Cairo is going to play."

My slumber perturbed, I was not in the mood
To deal with specters who tend to intrude
But then with a thunder theatrics ensued
And the ghost said "If I were you I would conclude
'Due to this declaration my team will be screwed'
Miguel Cairo is going to play."

I jolted upright having then figured out
A devil was present beyond any doubt
I wanted to scream and I wanted to shout
But the devil held court as it floated about
And whilst it did float it repeated throughout
"Miguel Cairo is going to play."

At this I grew angry and rose to my feet
And charged at the specter prepared to compete
But with a cold wind it forced me to retreat
And shiver with chills as I hid 'neath the sheet
It wore an expression with laughter replete
"Miguel Cairo is going to play."

"Please sir have some mercy!" I begged and I pleaded
"I swear that my soul has been sorely mistreated."
Upset with the specter my blood was still heated
Yet I had no choice but to sit there defeated
The specter was smiling, his warning completed
"Miguel Cairo is going to play."

Vanquished I sat and I asked it to share
"Why are you happy to cause us despair?
As a devil from Hades you must be aware
That breaking the broken is badly unfair."
"Of winning," he cackled, "you've nary a prayer
Miguel Cairo is going to play."

"But why!" I was yelling, my voice with a crack
"We're hardly deserving of such an attack!
Regardless of whether your heart is pitch black
I feel like you guys ought to cut us some slack."
But for my words ignoring the ghost had a knack
"Miguel Cairo is going to play."

Then with a poof shone a portal aglow
And straight through the center I watched the ghost go
My bedroom now empty I glanced to and fro
By the light on the wall was a message below
It read "know your role, and your role is to blow
Miguel Cairo is going to play."