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I Don't Get It

Justin Thomas' usage pattern so far with the Mariners:

  • 9/1: inherits 12-6 lead in 8th, throws one inning
  • 9/2: inherits 5-2 deficit in 7th, faces three batters
  • 9/5: inherits 3-1 lead in 8th, faces one batter
  • 9/6: inherits 3-2 lead in 8th, faces one batter
  • 9/11: inherits 4-0 deficit in 6th, faces two batters
  • 9/15: inherits 2-0 deficit in 7th, faces one batter

Justin Thomas is was recently a starting pitcher. He's also one of the few reasonably advanced lefties in the organization who throws a good enough breaking ball to retire solid left-handed hitters. In six Major League games, he has thrown 41 pitches.

This kind of goes along with Brandon Morrow intentionally walking Vlad Guerrero the other day, or Miguel Cairo getting any playing time ever. What's the point of having a bunch of young players hanging around in September if you aren't going to give them many chances to prove what they can do? God help Jim Riggleman if he's still trying to win. That ship sailed so long ago that robot submarines are trying to find it on the floor of the ocean.

I understand that it's hard to fit everyone in and be fair about it, but the Justin Thomas usage doesn't make much sense to me. Let him do a little more, Riggleman. You might be surprised.