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Adrian Bleepin' Beltre!

If there's anyone who deserves a month in which he hits .400 with 8-10 homeruns and has every single dink fly fall in, it's Adrian Beltre in September. The man has been a beast at the plate all year long; drawing walks and squaring up the ball with great frequency and has just been flattened by bad luck.


I wrote that on the afternoon of August 26th. Since then, Adrian Beltre has gone 14 for 25 with three doubles, a triple and three homeruns. That's a .560 / .538 / 1.120 line and he's raised his season OPS from .741 to .785 in those six games.

Lost season that it is, I will forever* find joy in Adrian Beltre having the success he deserves.

* unless he leaves and signs with the Angels.