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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wells 0.00
Corcoran 2.74
Woods 3.38
Green 3.45
Jimenez 3.71
Morrow 3.74
Felix 3.87
Rhodes 4.12
Putz 4.20
Lowe 4.64
Bedard 4.69
RRS 5.08
Dickey 5.16
Washburn 5.17
Silva 5.57
Baek 5.70
Batista 7.59
O'Flaherty 8.64

"Maybe half of the team wants to do the best they can,'' Silva said. "Take the starting rotation...every time we cross that line, we want to do our best. No matter how many games we are behind. But maybe half of the team doesn't have that mentality. They are only thinking of finishing strong. And to put up their numbers. That's great, but that affects us. As a team, that doesn't work out.''


"Maybe [I have] to go and grab somebody from his neck and throw him into the wall and something's going to change,'' he said. "I'm very close to doing that, so write that down.''

Yeah, damn those guys who want to finish strong and put up their numbers. Far better to play like ass all season and use every opportunity to call people out for the sort of bullshit that you yourself have been pulling as one of the alleged leaders of the ballclub. Does Carlos Silva understand that he's pitched like shit? Does he even care? Newsflash, you stupid fat fuck - nobody's intimidated by a guy who blows. Nobody's going to take your words to heart. If you were Felix, then maybe you could get away with this sort of thing, but I guarantee you that if you pick Yuni up by the neck, throw him against a wall, and demand that he starts to focus, he'll just tell you that he couldn't produce enough runs in the world to make up for your shitty-ass pitching. You are in absolutely no position to rip into other players for underperformance. Just shut your fat mouth, allow your seven line drives, and take your lumps like a man. Everybody else is doing it, and it's not like you're under any obligation to issue weekly reminders that you're a complete asshole. We already know, dude.

Thank goodness for Jim Riggleman:

"It's almost like these blanket statements are made, and the perceptions are because you're losing, you're doing these [little things] wrong. What it really comes to is we, like most teams, we take care of the little things. It's big things. We're not hitting good enough and we're not pitching good enough. If somebody wants to hide behind, 'Oh, we made a baserunner mistake or we didn't move a runner over,' ... and use the word selfish, you can try to act like, 'That's the problem right there. That will make up those 30 games.' But, you know, you've got to hit better and you've got to pitch better.

"When you've got something to say, don't use the newspaper to say it."

I hate you, Carlos Silva. Get the fuck out of my life.