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Team sources have indicated that pitcher Jarrod Washburn cleared waivers and can now be traded without fear of a claim to block a move.


This isn't horrible news, because Washburn could still be traded and it is actually good news in that sense since we are now free to trade him anywhere and if we do manage to get something back that person just has to be not part of the team's 40-man roster. However, I might have preferred someone to claim Washburn and have Seattle just say "okay". I want to be Washburn-free more than I want to hold out for something potentially useful far down the line in return. 

At least they were smart enough to put him on waivers.


Asked earlier this year about what he expects in the off-season, he said he wanted a four-year-contract, and though he’s likely to get an offer or two in that range, a three-year deal seems more like what Seattle would request.

For how much? The bidding for a man coming off three consecutive 100-RBI seasons – and being a good citizen and clubhouse force, to boot – would probably start in the $10-$11 million a year range.


Anyone still think Raul might accept arbitration? He won't. And while you're down there praying for the Ms to trade Washburn you might as well tack on an extra one that the Mariners do not hand Raul a 3Y/$36MM (my prediction since back in February) contract.