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Like most people here, after finding LL & USSM and spending a couple days learning about another view of the team I hadn't seen before, I kept coming back. It's no wonder why. We have here some of the most forward thinking baseball ideas, coupled with some of the more interesting people I've met online. The "Frat House" vs "Classroom" aspect of the M's blagoweb really holds true.

Yesterday, we saw an outsider come in, as happens often, and make some assumptions and use numbers that aren't exactly accurate. This made me realize how much I don't know, and gave me an opportunity to go back into the archives and bone up on all the things I've skimmed over in the past.  This is that list, sorted by category.

If anyone has anything to add to this list, or has a problem with classification, please leave that in comments, and I'll update as requested.

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The Basics -

If you haven't read these, do it now. Hell, read them over and over until you know all the concepts by heart. These are the simple concepts that are common wisdom here. Know these, and the rest gets a lot easier.

Pitching -

Hitting -

Defense -

Teams, Wins, Stats, etc. -

Evaluating Individual Players -

Finally, these didn't really fit into a category, but I felt they were important nonetheless: