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Series Preview: Minnesota Twins @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 48-82
Twins: 74-56


Game 1: Miguel Batista (aww goddammit) vs Francisco Liriano*
Game 2: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs Scott Baker
Game 3: Ryan Feierabend* vs Glen Perkins*

Holy crap we're playing the Twins again? Not only that, but we're on exactly the same rotation schedule! The only difference is subbing in Miguel Batista for Carlos Silva. Oh great, there's a big positive.

The Twins (and the White Sox) have an opportunity to knock the Red Sox out of the playoffs if they can manage to play well enough to ensure that the wild card comes out of the central. Perhaps we can help them along again this series.

Jeremy Reed got to sit out the entire Oakland series and now we face two more lefties. I hope he has a hobby to occupy his time while he sits on the bench. Macrame is fun.

Likely Starters:
C Joe Mauer*
1 Justin Morneau*
2 Alexi Casilla
3 Brendan Harris/Brian Buscher*
S Adam Everett
L Delmon Young
C Carlos Gomez
R Denard Span*
D Jason Kubel*

I now know why this lineup is good. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau with some minor contributions from Jason Kubel and Denard Span.


It was nice to see Lopez break off his snide a little bit this series as an extended slump after his inexplicable benching on the 10th started to create some worries about a delayed second half swoon.

Adrian Beltre's bad luck has returned with a vengeance.

Your 2008 hitting black holes!! (runs below average are position adjusted)

  • Catcher: 13.2 runs below average (plus their defense has sucked)
  • First Base: 13.4 runs below average (plus Sexson's defense sucked)
  • Shortstop: 5.9 runs below average (plus Yuni's defense sucks)
  • Rightfield: (pre-Ichiro): 8.2 runs below average (plus they sucked at defense)
  • Designated Hitter: 25.6 runs below average (keeps Raul's sucky defense in left)

With Raul, Vidro, Sexson, and Wilkerson gone and Johjima now behind Clement on the depth chart, plus the hope of Betancourt either going away this winter or having his 2008 be like Lopez's 2007, the turnover from startling lineup Opening Day 2008 versus starting lineup Opening Day 2009 should be tremendous. Lets hope it's one we're excited about.


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