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Speaking Of Learning Nothing From Prior Mistakes

Carlos Silva is going on the DL with right elbow alibitis. Says Jim Riggleman:

As for Silva, Riggleman said he had felt some elbow pain in his bullpen session two starts ago, but didn't say anthing until after he got shelled yesterday. The plan is to rest Silva and bring him back in September. I suppose it would be nice for him to finish this season with some positive results to take into next year.

"It's something that I think if we were in a different part of the season, or the standings, he would pitch through it,'' Riggleman said.

To recap:

-Carlos Silva selfishly didn't let anyone know that his elbow hurt
-Carlos Silva got shelled
-Carlos Silva conveniently mentioned his elbow pain afterwards
-If the team were competing, Jim Riggleman would let Silva - who just got shelled while allegedly pitching with elbow pain - work through it

This is the stupidest team in baseball. The stupidest team. The stupidest team in baseball. End of story. If somebody were to ask you which team is your favorite, and you said the Mariners, and they said "you mean the stupidest team in baseball," and you said yes, you would be telling the truth.

UPDATE: Alternate version, in the event that Silva's fine and the team's making stuff up:

-Carlos Silva sucks
-He sucks so bad his team is hiding him