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Graham's edit: We are aware that the AB and PA counts for both hitters and pitchers are off. We aren't entirely sure why, though, so fixing it is going to require implementing a couple of new tricks, which may take some time.

Matthew's Subsequent edit: Stats for years before 2007 should now be fixed.

You've been asking for it and we've been working toward it. Four months in development and over two years in theoretical planning and it's finally here. I'm proud to announce

A big big thanks goes to Graham who's helped a tonne (as he would spell it) with the front-end design and implementation, not to mention his creation of tRA and our joint effort to take a tediously hand-compiled spreadsheet and turn it into a dynamic database and web presentation. Here's what we have to offer.

-Daily updated tRA, as provided by Graham.
-Daily updated wOBA, as provided by Tom Tango.
-and many more core stats for both hitters and pitchers.

There's a lot of stuff yet to come, and the winter months promises some breathing time to implement some major new features, but we felt that now was a good time to release it to the public. It is stable (we hope) and through the end of the season, there will likely be only minor tweaks and feature additions.

In addition to the aforementioned big help from Graham, there are a few other people I have to thank.
-Tom Tango, for letting me publish wOBA.
-David Gassko, for his terrific work on park factors which I've totally cribbed.
-Jeff, for being a long time beta tester of not only the site but also of my ideas.
-Robert, who at some point will provide me with some data that was too dull for even me to compile.
-and finally, to Joel Pineiro, who's bad missed bat ratio in 2006 prompted me to look further into pitch by pitch results and to take the very first steps that have culminated here.