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Batista has suffered through his share of maladies this season, ranging from a sore back in spring training to a pulled groin and foot issues. But he was quick to point out that he hasn’t missed any games because of those injuries.

"This is frustrating. It's embarrassing. I'm supposed to be helping the team win, but the way I'm pitching, it's not helping. I have to make sure I get myself healthy before I go out there again, because I'm the only guy trying to pitch through it. Everybody else, every time they feel pain, they go on the DL, or they take a rest, and I haven't."

-Miguel Batista, 6/25

UPDATE -- Miguel Batista came out of the game with what the team says is a right groin strain, three pitches into the bottom of the third.

Way to go, stupid.

RRS for starter.

Post-bases-clearing-double update: shut up I don't care