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The following information is property of the Baseball Club of Seattle, LLC and may not be republished or redistributed without the express written consent of the Seattle Mariners. This information is confidential and any violated of that pact is grounds for dismissal.



Wes's middle name is Wade and he is 24 years old. He was born in Dallas which means he was probably a Rangers fan growing up. Ha. How funny is that? You think he hates playing against the Rangers?

Wes was a darling outfielder and QB in high school and he was going to go to the University of Texas before he was drafted by those pesky Devil Rays. That's just like them to draft young people. Did you know they barely have anyone over 30 on that team? How do they win? I wonder if Bankston would have been the starting QB at Texas. Wouldn't Vince Young have been there too? Awkward!

Bankston started pretty well in baseball and then didn't do pretty well for some time. He made a Triple-A All-Star team though so that's really impressive. He's been designated for assignment three times in the past year though. He really needs to get cracking on that assignment lol.

Anyways, he's on the A's now so he probably never swings at anything and loves drawing walks and then standing on the base waiting for the next hitter to walk. Or hit a home run. Whatever. He might start some games this series because Poorland (get it? lol) has all these, injuries and stuff. So retarded.


"I'd never faced the guy before. I didn't really know how to approach him. Usually, Oakland guys are really patient and take some pitches. I thought I'd get a nice little strike one right there, and he was on it.'' Yes, Washburn had read scouting reports on Bankston. But no, he added, those don't really help. Won't tell you the guy is going to hack at a first-pitch breaking ball.


I'm not totally convinced my above scouting report is 100% accurate, but if a scouting report isn't going to have information like the percentage of times a hitter swung at a first-pitch breaking ball, then what does it have? And you cannot even claim this is hard information to get. If I wanted to, using information like this, I could generate all sorts of stats on Wes Bankston's tendencies in about 15 minutes.

Either the Mariners know this and think it's not important because they're stupid, they know and do this but somehow don't get the information to their pitchers because they're incompetent or they don't know this is possible because they're ignorant. If it's the latter, hey Mariners! Look at me! I can do this for you!

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