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7/3 Minor League Freedom From Wrap-Ups Edition

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So before I could write the recap for 7/2 yesterday, my right ankle gave out on my way back from lunch.  While I usually pound out a recap during the lunch hour, I spent most of the rest of my lunch hour, and the day, keeping my projects at work caught up while attending to my ankle.  I admittedly was in no mood to catch up on the minors last night, so I figured on a DOUBLEHEADER special today.

Well... except I got as far as wrapping up the DSL before decided to crap out. And stay crapped out as I type this.  It may be up in an hour or so, but with two hours and change to go before I need to be somewhere today... I'm afraid a recap for 7/3 is no-go as well.

But DON'T FRET... for stats on yesterday's games I will direct you to the fundamentally outdated but statistically updated First Inning for your statheaded needs, and for more info, there is also the always-detailed J at Mariner Minors.

And my apologies.  I'll try it again tomorrow.