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Rhodes Excommunicated

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Off he goes to Florida in exchange for 22 year old Gaby Hernandez, a moderate-ceiling right-handed starter who works with four pitches, most notably a low-90s fastball. Hernandez hasn't had the greatest statistical season I've ever seen, but being a young kid getting his first taste of AAA in the launchpad at Albuquerque, I'm willing to grant him a pass. He's got a fair bit of talent, and even if he can't make it as a back-of-the-rotation starter, he's got a pretty good chance of landing in a Major League bullpen a year or three down the road.

This is the sort of #6-10 organizational prospect I was hoping to get. To summarize, we just turned a spring training NRI retread into one of the better high-level arms in the system. A good way to start the day. Nice job, Lee. This is exactly what a bad team is supposed to do with veteran relievers for which it has minimal use.

I don't know what Cesar Jimenez is going to do with all this job security.

My goodness, the White Sox are stupid.