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Pick 'Em

(A) Carlos Silva tried to pitch through pain and got his ass kicked. Pitching through pain is incredibly stupid. Therefore, Carlos Silva is incredibly stupid.

(B) Carlos Silva was healthy and sucked. Therefore, Carlos Silva sucks.

4 years/$48M (2008-11), plus 2012 mutual option

  • signed as a free agent 12/20/07
  • $5M signing bonus
  • 08:$7M, 09:$11M, 10:$11.5M, 11:$11.5M, 12:$12M mutual option ($2M buyout)
  • no-trade protection for 2008
  • award bonuses: $0.2M for Cy Young, $0.1M for WS MVP, $50,000 each for LCS MVP, Gold Glove, All Star
  • suite on road