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Jim Riggleman on Jose Vidro:

"I'm astonished to tell you the truth when I look up and I see Vidro's average is what it is, because I feel like every time he goes up there I'm very confident that he's going to give us a good at-bat," Riggleman said. "And for the at-bats that he has, he's knocked in quite a few runs ... he's been fairly effective in the way we want to use him.
"It's not a classic DH situation, but I feel good every time he walks up to the plate," Riggleman said. "The numbers may say otherwise, but I think he's going to give us good at-bats."

Jim Riggleman on Yuniesky Betancourt:

"I don't have the solution. But he has to be more selective at the plate. He needs to study pitchers to have a better idea about what's coming. He needs to study pitching sequences. He's a very good major league player right now. But with his ability, he should be an All-Star."

"He told me how much he wants to play, and I appreciate that," Riggleman said. "I had to let him know that the day off wasn't for him but to get other guys in the lineup. But the thing is that he's making it easier for me if his on-base percentage stays at .275.

"He's giving me reasons to give him days off. He has to understand that."

Jose Vidro: .226/.271/.329
Yuniesky Betancourt: .261/.273/.364

Jose Vidro

-has been having good at bats
-has awful numbers
-ergo, has smarts, can't hit
-has not disappointed Jim Riggleman

Yuniesky Betancourt

-has been having bad at bats
-has less awful numbers
-ergo, is stupid, can hit better than Vidro
-has disappointed Jim Riggleman

A diagram:


This team cares far too much about the red line, and not nearly enough about the black one.