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Rumor Thread

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UPDATE 2: This team steadfastly refuses to complete trades in a timely fashion.

UPDATE: Jarrod Washburn has been traded to the Yankees. Not yet sure on the return.

Go to town.


We're headed to the eighth inning, with Seattle down 8-3, but on the bigger news front, we're hearing buzz that Jarrod Washburn might not make it to tomorrow with the M's. A trade with the New York Yankees appears imminent. We're trying to peer into the dugout to see whether he's still there. We'll have an update after the game.

FSN's reporting a Washburn/Vidro for Cabrera/Igawa rumor.

Jayson Stark:

Even Ibanez may not be affordable, however. Seattle hasn’t asked interested teams for specific names yet. But the Mariners are one of many clubs saying that, because Ibanez projects as a Type A free agent, they would want the equivalent of a first-round pick and a sandwich pick for him.