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Series Preview: Cleveland Indians @ Seattle Mariners

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Seattle: 37-58
Indians: 41-53


Game 1: Felix Hernandez vs Aaron Laffey
Game 2: Jarrod Washburn* vs Jeremy Sowers*
Game 3: Carlos Silva vs Cliff Lee*

Laffey made a mark last year by running Felix-like groundball rates, but for 2008 his groundball rates have retreated like, well, Felix. In the absence of prodigious groundball rates, Laffey has instead fallen back on his mediocre stuff and bad control. Wait, those aren't good things.

Jeremy Sowers is quite an example of the consequences of yielding far too many line drives... and homeruns... and walks.

Unlike these two losers, Cliff Lee is awesome. He throws strikes, he misses a good number of bats, he's reasonably neutral on groundballs, he's below average nowhere.

Likely Starters:
C Kelly Shoppach
1 Casey Blake/Ryan Garko
2 Jamey Carroll
3 Andy Marte
S Jhonny Peralta
L Ben Francisco
C Grady Sizemore*
R Franklin Gutierrez/Shin-Soo Choo*
D David Dellucci*

Looking over this lineup it suddenly becomes clear why the Indians have been so disappointing this season. A couple hitters that the Indians were counting on (Asdrubal Cabrera and Travis Hafner chief among them) turned into pumpkins and as we know from watching our own team day in and day out, black holes kill an offense.



Washburn gets another patsy offense to start against and barring the unexpected get to face the Blue Jays next and avoid Boston. That's going to be the ideal time to deal him though as he closes out the month against Texas. In Texas.

Carlos Silva against Cliff Lee. Cliff Lee is a lefty and it's a day game. That means there's a better than fair chance that Reed and Clement sit. Burke and Willie play. And Maybe LaHair too! The Nationals are off playing the Braves so hopefully Atlanta's star-crossed luck continues and they drop a couple one-run games to the Nationals.


12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
Stone Brewing. Escondido, CA

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