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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Kansas City Royals

Seattle: 36-56
Royals: 41-52


Game 1: Felix Hernandez vs Luke Hochevar
Game 1: Jarrod Washburn* vs Gil Meche
Game 3: Carlos Silva vs Kyle Davies

Hochevar has certainly been overshadowed by his draft class mates and for a pitcher soon to be 25 he needs to step up his performance shortly or else he might be a cautionary tale that while holding out a year might net you a better draft slot, it doesn't do much for your development. Then again, we're also talking about just one case.

Gil Meche went to Kansas City and immediately cut down his walks by a significant amount in 2007. That number has since rebounded and the new found groundballs have also regressed, moving Meche's tRA from 4.29 in 2007 up to 4.89 this season.

Middling stuff, pretty much zero control. Dime a dozen righty if it weren't for the high line drive rate which makes him barely a rotation candidate.

Likely Starters:
C John Buck/Miguel Olivo
1 Ross Gload*
2 Mark Grudzielanek
3 Alex Gordon*
S Tony Pena/Mike Aviles
L David DeJesus*/Jose Guillen
C Joey Gathright*
R Mark Teahen*
D Billy Butler

Tony Pena is still getting starts, hopefully because of good defense, because he's holding steady at an OPS+ of 1. Yeah, 1. The rest of the lineup isn't as bad, naturally, but it's not pretty either. Miguel Olivo has somehow resurrected a season based entirely on power because he still rivals Yuni in terms of plate discipline.


Richie Sexson is gone, but it's not like we have anyone at all better to take his spot at first base and over the past 20 or so games, he was actually a decent hitter, albeit with almost no power. Then again, this team just had Miguel Cairo, Willie Bloomquist and Jose Vidro in the same starting lineup.

The team is spending nearly $120 million dollars on payroll.

Not nearly enough people have been fired.


Free State Oatmeal Stout
Free State Brewing. Lawrence, KS

Outside of Kansas City (which might actually be in Missouri, I honestly have no idea), this beer was the high point of my trek across Kansas. That's not actually saying much because there's nothing in Kansas. Still, this doesn't reflect on this brew which has a good malty taste and a creamy palate.