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Pitcher Wins Are Stupid, Part 20

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Coming into play today, the American League lead in wins is shared by three people with nine a piece:

  • Mike Mussina, tRA = 5.65 (AL SP avg: 4.70). Mussina possess the worst missed bat rate amongst major league starting pitchers.
  • Joe Saunders, tRA = 4.02. Now 4.02 is nothing to sneeze at, but Andy Sonnanstine has a tRA of 4.14 and 4/5s of Toronto's rotation is below 4 (that's awesome). Joe Saunders also possess a 6.2% missed bat rate, well below average. He also throws more pitches outside the zone than average, gets less called strike and less foul strikes than average. He deserves his below average K rate, but he also deserves an above average BB rate which he has so far avoided.
  • Cliff Lee, tRA = 2.85. Legitimately awesome this year; he's lumped in with Mike Mussina and Joe Saunders.

Would you rather have that group, or say, the trio with eight wins a piece:

  • Roy Halladay, tRA = 3.11
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka, tRA = 4.67
  • Ervin Santana, tRA = 3.36

Wins are stupid.