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Amateur Draft Open Thread, Part 3

Carrying this over from the last thread...

First Round: Joshua Fields, RHRP, U Georgia

Fields is a reliever who's walked 42 batters in 70 innings these last two years. He throws hard, with a fastball in the mid-90s and a sharp curve, and he's proven difficult for righties to hit, but he has trouble against lefties and did I mention that he's a reliever? Because if there's one thing this team needs more of, it's right-handed relief pitchers with hard fastballs and iffy control. Also, at an alleged 6', he's one inch taller than Tim Lincecum, who I guess was too little for our likings.

Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. Taking relievers in the first round is dumb, especially when building an effective bullpen on the cheap is the only thing your GM can do even remotely well. This is the worst season ever.

Second Round: Dennis Raben, LHB COF, U Miami

Big slow dude with power and patience, his scouting report makes him sound an awful lot like Brad Wilkerson (before the aging and injuries). Won't be good in the field; will have to make it with his bat, which has both a bunch of holes and .500 SLG potential.

Third Round: Benjamin Pribanic, RHP, Nebraska

Fourth Round: Steven Hensley, RHP, Elon

Fifth Round: Brett Lorin, RHP, Cal State Long Beach

Jarrett Burgess, RHB COF, high school