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Amateur Draft Open Thread

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The first round kicks off at 11am PDT. The Mariners select 20th overall, and given, say, 30 players who have an argument for going in the first 19 slots, there are 6,645,143,393,563,388,313,600,000 different ways in which the draft could theoretically proceed before we even get to pick.* So I'm going to hold off on talking about individual players until we actually take them.

For the sake of convenience, what follows is a list of organizational needs, shown here in positional order:

Corner infield (offense)
Corner infield (glove)
Middle infield (offense)
Middle infield (glove)
Corner outfield (offense)
Corner outfield (glove)
Center field (offense)
Center field (glove)
Positionless bat (offense)
Starting pitching, righty (power)
Starting pitching, righty (control)
Starting pitching, lefty (power)
Starting pitching, lefty (control)
Relief pitching, righty (control)
Relief pitching, lefty (power)
Relief pitching, lefty (control)
Good players

So that should help the front office narrow down who it would like to select.

We trust you, Fontaine. We trust you more than everybody else in this organization combined. Do us proud.

* my math could be wrong but you get the idea