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Chuck Armstrong rips into the coaching staff. Bill Bavasi rips into the players. John McLaren rips into the players. Carlos Silva rips into the players for some reason. Every single person affiliated with the Mariners right now is completely and utterly pissed off. Which is great, because you know who makes really good decisions? Angry people. I've never felt safer.

Every day I think to myself "there's no way this is the worst team in baseball," and every day they try to change my mind. To hell with chemistry and accountability. The players are bad. And when the players are bad, the team is bad. What if they are the worst team in baseball? The only reason we think they aren't is because we expected so much more out of them before the year, but now that we know that even our most pessimistic preseason projections were way off, who's to say we've hit rock bottom? How do we know things won't continue to get progressively worse? You can say this team has too much talent to lose 100 games, and I'd still be inclined to agree with you, but at some point, should the tailspin continue, we may have to consider that, yeah, they really are this bad. Would that be such a leap of faith? God knows all that talent we allegedly have isn't showing up anywhere on the stat sheet. This appears to be a perfect storm of player decline and career collapse, a storm for which the good ship Mariner was never prepared. Grab a bucket or dive off the bow. There's no easy way out of this.


Biggest Contribution: Jose Lopez, +20.4%
Biggest Suckfest: Richie Sexson, -22.7%
Most Important AB: Sexson DP, -20.8%
Most Important Pitch: Kendrick double, -13.1%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): -7.5%
Total Contribution by Hitters: -42.5%
Total Contribution by Opposition: 0.0%
(What is this chart?)

If I were working for the Mariners right now, you better believe that I'd leave that off my resume. Short of pining for the return of the Negro Leagues or whipping it out on the desk in an interview, I can't imagine there's a quicker way to kill your career.

More interesting, non-this-game-related post on the way.