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Today's Games

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There's a bevy of great games going on today and with the option for a five-day free trial of (warning: it's one of those sign up and you can cancel for free in the first five days sort of trials) you can certainly take advantage.

1600 PDT: Braves v Marlins
Reason to watch: Jorge Campillo is starting for the Braves.

1605 PDT: Phillies v Reds
Reason to watch: Griffey going for 600, Utley's homered in five straight games and Jay Bruce is awesome.

1605 PDT: Red Sox v Rays
Reason to watch: Duh.

1605 PDT: Yankees v Blue Jays
Reason to watch: Root for Joba Chamberlain to either fail because that would be awesome or succeed in the vain hope that the Mariners take notice and follow suit with Morrow.

1705 PDT: Brewers v Diamondbacks
Reason to watch: Randy Johnson is starting and is tied with Roger Clemens in career strikeouts.

1711 PDT: White Sox v Royals
Reason to watch: Fuck Josh Hamilton, Zach Greinke continues his feel gooder story.

1905 PDT: Athletics v Tigers
Reason to watch: Dontrelle Willis returns to the mound. He's thrown six innings, walked 11 and struck out nobody this year. The Mariners almost traded for him last summer.

1910 PDT: Mariners v Angels
Reason to watch: Erik Bedard? Jeremy Reed might get to start again. Witness Richie Sexson's miracle open stance!

1910 PDT: Dodgers v Rockies
Reason to watch: Rockies are currently between us and Steven Strasburg.

1915 PDT: Giants v Mets
Reason to watch: Pedro Martinez returns to the mound opposite Barry Zito who has walked or hit as many batters (32) as he's struck out (32). The Mariners tried to pay him $100 million dollars.