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Off Day Diversion: New Mariner Slogan

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Some of you have noticed that "Mojo Risin'" has been removed from the Mariner website in a few places and generally, little has been paid attention to what was once a slogan of hope and cliche marketing.

Coincidentally enough, the Mariners first introduced the phrase "Sodo Mojo" in late 2000 as they stretched toward the playoffs that fall1 and just like the 2000 and 2001 seasons caused the Mariner front office to fall in love with veterans, the Mariner PR office fell in love with the Mojo phrase and found all sorts of ways to cannibalize it ("Viva La Mojo"? Are you kidding me?) in order to try and keep it fresh and exciting for a populace that generally seemed to tire of it quickly.

Further coincidentally, the phrase "Mojo Risin'" was first conceived in late 2000 by the Seattle P-I as part of a search for an unofficial slogan for the 2000 playoffs2 but came in second to "That's What I'm Talkin' About!". So the Mariners slogan for the better part of the last eight years has been some form of "SoDo Mojo" and when 2008 rolled around and they decided they needed to change it again; instead of finally breaking with the past and going in a new direction, they looked back to what almost worked in 2000. There's no other way around it; Mojo Risin' is Arthur Rhodes and it's clear to me that the pathological need to ignore the effects of aging and attempt to recapture past glory is not limited to just personnel decision makers. This whole team needs to clean house or we might be in danger of hearing "Who Let the Dogs Out" next time a Mariner rally takes place (currently scheduled for sometime in August).

Digression aside, and inspired by Jeff's "2008 Seattle Mariners: Career Destroyer", I think it's high time we put our amazing creative forces together to come up with a new Ms slogan. Bonus points will go to humor, realism and funny jpegs. It's easy to come up with expletives on how much we suck (2008 Mariners: Nowhere Close to Fucking the Man), but it's funnier if the slogan is something that could pass at least one round of corporate filtering (2008 Mariners: Ahoy Future!).