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Bill Bavasi Fired as GM

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I figured changes were going to have to come after getting swept by the Nationals, but never did I think it would be Bavasi this soon. Is this good news for us? A lot depends on who the new hire eventually is, the search will "take place immediately" but we'll see if they're able to get much accomplished in-season if they want to bring in outside candidates.

It remains to be seen if Bavasi is just the latest and greatest (so far) scapegoat to this season or if there was actual fear that he might further jeopardize the future of the ballclub in order to try and save his job by dint of damaging trades come July. Bavasi did a decent job of trading when he was ditching veterans for prospects, but who knows.

One thing this does worry me is that firing a GM mid-season instead of waiting until after the season likely means the true heads of affiars, Lincoln and Armstrong, seem unlikely to go anywhere since they're likely the ones doing the hiring for the new GM and while it's rare enough for a team to fire it's General Manager mid-season, it is rarer still for a change to take place in team presidency mid-season.

Wait and see I suppose.