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A Thought

The Mariner front office can't evaluate hitters. They love to stock up on aggressive, free-swinging types who put the ball in play and rarely walk, seemingly ignorant of the fact that the most important things a guy can do at the plate are get on base and hit for power.

The Mariner front office can't evaluate pitchers. They have zero understanding of replacement level, they put too much stock in ERA, and they buy into labels like "proven winner" and "innings eater" instead of trying to figure out what a guy can provide to the team with his actual performance.

The Mariner front office can't evaluate defense. Raul Ibanez is the everyday left fielder.

Our only source of happiness at the moment is the hope that sometime down the road there'll be people in the front office who are the complete and utter opposite of the people in there now.

Is that unhealthy? I think that's unhealthy.