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Holy crap we are bad.


Please allow me to introduce RHP Stephen Strasburg, a sophomore starter at San Diego State University. So far this season he has struck out 40.4% of total batters faced, walked 3.7%, and allowed 0 home runs and 48 hits in 84.3 innings pitched. His FIP stands at 0.76.

Other interesting numbers:

  • 101 (maximum fastball velocity)
  • 1.13 (time to home plate)
  • 0.76 (2008's FIP)
  • 23 (number of batters struck out in start against Utah )
  • 1 (where he will go in next year's draft)

While the Mariners enthusiastic pursuit of this young man suggests that they're doing their jobs in terms of scouting amateur talent, to be honest I'd rather we just win some games.

Edit: Incidentally, he looks like an elf . I move he be granted the nickname 'Keebler' post-haste.

Second Edit: He's not eligible for the 2008 draft, because he's a sophomore and doesn't turn 21 until July 20th, 2009 (the rules state that a player drafted out of a 4-year program must either have completed their junior year or be 21 at the time of the draft).