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Stomach Punched

If it feels like we're losing is extraordinary fashion a lot more often this year, it's because we have been.

April 1: WE = 87.2%
Done 3-1 entering the bottom of the 8th, the Mariners gain three runs thanks to errors by the best middle infield in baseball Michael Young and Ian Kinsler and got the lead run across thanks to a wild pitch. They had the bases loaded with 2 outs too but a Brad Wilkerson pop out ended the threat for further runs. Never the less, it seemed safe with J.J. coming up. Nope. A single and a Josh Hamilton homerun put the Ms to bed with a 5-4 loss.

April 6: 94.9%
Felix tossed 8 shutout innings in his second start of the year, giving way to the pen in the 9th with a 2-0 lead. The M's had 2 outs in the ninth with the bases empty, albeit down to a one-run lead when single, single, walk, wild pitch, single ended the game.

April 18: N/A
Torii Hunter

April 23: 82.6%
The Ms put a couple runs up early against Daniel Cabrera while Carlos Silva cruised through five. Silva hadn't allowed a hit through the first four frames than escaped massive danger in the fifth when Aubrey Huff couldn't figure out how to run. It felt like we had been granted a reprieve. Then the sixth inning rolled around. Single, triple, RBI groundout. Bam, game tied, except we already knew it was over. A Nick Markakis first pitch HR off RRS in the 8th sealed the deal.

April 24: 92.4%
Ms race out to 5-0 lead. Give up trying to score. Let Orioles climb back in. Orioles take lead. Ichiro ties game back up with 2-run bomb! Three batters later Brian Roberts no-doubts Sean Green in the 8th.

April 25: N/A
Batista is wild, hurt, puts us in early 3-0 hole and departs in the 2nd. Baek comes on and tosses 6+ innings of 1-hit relief while the Ms gasp to get back into the game. They climb within one run and load the bases with one out for Yuniesky Betancourt who takes a 1-0 pitch off the plate away at below his knees, and bounced into a 6-4-3 double play.

April 27: 88.2%
Ms grab an early 2-0 lead, Felix looks uncredible through 3 and settles into a groove through 7. Then; walk, double, walk, single, walk, single, K, single and it's 4-2 A's.

May 1: 83.2%
J.J.'s clearly not healthy. Fuck this season.
I even thought this just felt like a win. I smiled knowingly when Richie hit it out in the 10th. I had felt confident the entire later innings. I was confident with J.J. I was sure he was going to come up and put the fears instilled in that Oakland game to rest. And for one batter he did. Kudos to Batista, Rhodes, Morrow, Richie and Ichiro.