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4/9: Open Game Thread

Ichiro CF Iwamura 2B
Lopez 2B Crawford LF
Beltre 3B Pena 1B
Ibanez "LF" Upton CF
Sexson 1B Gomes DH
Wilkerson RF Aybar 3B
Vidro DH Riggans C
Burke C Ruggiano RF
Betancourt SS Bartlett SS

---------- ----------

Washburn SP Sonnanstine SP

You know what I need more than TiVo? An Andy Sonnanstine jersey. I love everything about Andy Sonnanstine, from his unusual name to his dynamite command to his girly fastball. I would be honored if he went on to own us tonight. Not that I want him to, since I'm a Mariners fan first, but I would feel a twinge of pride, like when your second-favorite kid's team beats your favorite kid's team in Little League. (Parents, you know what I'm talking about.)