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4/8: Open Game Thread

Ichiro CF Iwamura 2B
Lopez 2B Crawford LF
Beltre 3B Pena 1B
Ibanez "LF" Upton CF
Sexson 1B Gomes DH
Wilkerson RF Aybar 3B
Vidro DH Riggans C
Johjima C Johnson RF
Betancourt SS Bartlett SS

---------- ----------

Bedard SP Garza SP

You know who else sucked for a while? Romans. They were all like Numitor this, Vestal Virgins that, and then Lucius Postumius Megellus came along and commanded the siege of Agrigentum, and the rest is history. So the lesson is don't belittle Tampa Bay, because should they ascend to power they will almost certainly exact their revenge by enslaving you and having sex with your women.