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4/7: Open Game Thread

Ichiro CF Roberts 2B
Lopez 2B Mora 3B
Ibanez "LF" Markakis RF
Beltre 3B Millar 1B
Wilkerson RF Huff DH
Sexson 1B Scott LF
Vidro DH Hernandez C
Johjima C Jones CF
Betancourt SS Hernandez SS

---------- ----------

Silva SP Cabrera SP

Tracking Daniel Cabrera's average fastball:

2005: 96.2mph
2006: 94.8
2007: 94.3
2008: 92.2 (1 start)

I don't know what the Orioles are trying to do here, but it isn't working, as Cabrera's throwing fewer strikes, fewer groundballs, and steadily moving further and further away from the breakthrough superstar candidate that he was three years ago. Now almost 27, it seems unlikely that he'll suddenly take the next step, so I'll just go ahead and predict that before too long someone'll move him to the bullpen in an attempt to harness his batshit tendencies and use them for good. I don't know if it'll work, but would you want to face him? I'd be scared for my life.

Also, Carlos Silva.