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4/6: Open Unexpected Felix Day Game Thread

Sea_medium Bal_medium

Ichiro CF Roberts 2B
Lopez 2B Mora 3B
Ibanez "LF" Markakis RF
Sexson 1B Millar 1B
Beltre 3B Huff DH
Wilkerson RF Scott LF
Vidro DH Payton CF
Burke C Quiroz C
Betancourt SS Hernandez SS

---------- ----------

Felix SP Guthrie SP

On the one hand, you could point to this as perhaps the beginning of another one of Erik Bedard's rather legendary series of nagging aches and pains. On the other, we get Felix in his stead, and since the injury appears to be pretty minor it looks like we'll have Bedard going against the Rays on Tuesday when in theory we'll need him more. Not that Baltimore's really rolled out the welcome mat so far. In the Season Series of Revenge, the Orioles are currently beating the M's by a score of two saves and one RBI to hip inflammation.

Still, as far as contingency plans are concerned, you'll never do better than King Felix.