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Every Hole Can Get Deeper

The Impossible Dream, yesterday morning:

C: Clement
1B: Teixeira
DH: Griffey
LF: Someone awesome

The Impossible Dream, today:

C: Johjima
1B: Clement
DH: Griffey
LF: Someone awesome

This extension even made my fantasy world worse. I can no longer dream as big as I could a day ago. That's...really depressing. But you know what? I found out about this at 1:55 and was over it by 2. I don't like what this organization has done to me as a person, but I suppose there's a certain resilience in being in being spiritually and emotionally dead.

For the record, this isn't as bad as a lot of people think it is (that being "one of the worst moves ever"). Not in isolation, as Kenji's still a decent catcher. It's the context and the way this fits so perfectly into the front office's established pattern of behavior that makes this dumb. A move like this just reinforces the impression that no one upstairs understands aging curves or the benefits of cheap young talent. So instead of being able to look forward to an offseason of potential awesome, now we've been shaken right back into awaiting the Ibanez extension and Clement trade for Octavio Dotel. Because, why wouldn't those happen? What reason do we have to expect otherwise?

We weren't born pessimistic. We were made this way.

Onward, broken soldiers.