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Putz to 15-day D/L

Putz felt discomfort on a pitch to Michael Young in the 9th inning last night and was sore after the game. The Mariners had a precautionary MRI exam done today. It revealed that Putz has mild costochondritis on his right side. Costochondritis is inflammation where cartilage attaches to a rib.

Costochondritis is basically treated with rest and ibuprofen. The prognosis depends on the severity of the swelling. Most cases tend to take months before pain subsides.

Ray Corcoran has been called up in the meantime.

Jeff's note: in a weird way this is kind of a relief. Since it probably explains JJ's lack of command last night, now my brain can pretend the whole thing never happened and get back to thinking JJ's unhittable when he makes his return. In the meantime, uh oh