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4/1: Open Felix Day Game Thread

If you're just getting home from a long day of work and you're looking forward to opening the thread below so you can read some intellectual and on-topic conversation about King Felix and Mariner baseball, I have bad news. However, if you consider yourself fascinated by the industrious earmarks of antediluvian warfare, your outlook is brighter.

Kinsler 2B            Ichiro CF
Young "SS"          Lopez 2B
Hamilton CF        Ibanez "LF"
Blalock 3B           Sexson 1B
Bradley DH          Beltre 3B
Catalanotto RF   Wilkerson RF
Murphy LF            Vidro ...DH...
Laird C                 Johjima C
Broussard 1B     Betancourt SS

----------                 ----------

Padilla SP           Felix SP


Let's go Mariners!!